A Guide into the Different Types of Weddings and Ceremonies

Every person has an idea of how a wedding happens. Our perception is mostly influenced by the movies we watch or what we have seen from our social circles. However, there are quite a variety of ceremonies to officiate a love affair. Wedding partners want to make the day special and memorable with the best wedding venue in Dallas TX.

Choosing the Type of Wedding

There are lots of questions to ask yourself when choosing the type of wedding. Historically, cultural practices largely influence the activities in a wedding ceremony. Religion and society are also common factors to consider when choosing the type of wedding to have.

In modern society, additional items such as scenery can play a huge role in deciding the right ceremony for a wedding. It is vital to know the number of guests as it affects the space to host the wedding. Let us check out the different types of weddings;


Many couples are opting for the traditional way of weddings. It is the most popular type since traditional weddings have a less complicated process to set up. The ceremony usually takes place indoors or outdoors. Halls, hotels, and gardens are venues that host the ancient form of wedding.

The occasion starts with a session at a religious center where the couple exchanges their vows. The reception ceremony takes place after that in a similar or different venue. During the reception, there is dancing, cutting of the cake, among other ancient practices.


With the hassle of planning a wedding ceremony, a person can choose to go for a fully planned event. The wedding couple will not take part in planning as the host of the party does everything. A destination wedding takes place in high-end venues with the planners qualified for wedding events. The couples usually host the wedding at a resort with a few of their loved ones in attendance. It might be cheaper to have a destination wedding due to the limited number of guests. Search online for a wedding venue in Dallas, TX that offers affordable rates for a wedding ceremony.

Civil Weddings

The ceremony can either be large or small. It is simple to have a civil wedding as it only needs the couple, a civil officer, and witnesses for both parties. Other guests can still attend the ceremony upon invitation. After the sharing of vows and signing of the marriage certificate, the couple might decide for an after-party or honeymoon.

Religious weddings

All kinds of religious groups believe in marriage as a sacred institution. Couples will exchange their vows in religious centers such as a church, mosque or temple. Guests do not have a specific dress code, but it is vital to dress for the occasion. Different religions will conduct the wedding in their way. An Islamic, Jewish, and Christian wedding will surely differ.


The above options are not the only types of wedding ceremonies available. It offers a guideline to common practices during the important milestone in life. Tastes and preferences can alter the theme of the wedding.

Post Author: Karlin Acacio