Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding photo shoot is a popular on-going trend amongst couples. It includes candids, mesmerizing locations, striking signature poses and letting the world know you are getting engaged. The shoot lets couples get comfortable in front of the camera and your photographer.

The best part of Pre Wedding shoot is that you get to be your natural selves wearing your favourite clothes. Avoid focusing on the lens and instead direct the attention to the chemistry you share with your partner. Start by looking for a skilled photographer. Request for their portfolio and narrow down someone who matches your style.

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Styling tips:

Prioritize comfort over style:

The high slit gown you purchased exclusively for the shoot and pointed heels may look great on you, but if it isn’t too comfortable, you won’t be able to enjoy the photo session and can’t be your own self. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear to feel confident.

Coordinate colours:

Discuss with your partner about what you are planning to wear. Choose colours that complement your skin tone and stick to delicate pattern.

Dress according to the venue:

You can opt for casual cool or extravagant traditional attire depending on your preference. Make sure your attire blends well with the location and remember to pack an extra pair of clothing.

Minimal accessories:

If you go over-the-top on the accessories, it would overshadow you in the pictures. The popular accessories used for Pre Wedding shoots are engagement ring, sunglasses and any other small accessories that mean something to your relationship – a watch gifted by your partner, shoes worn on first date etc.

Go quirky with props:

Props like umbrella, balloon, books, and chalkboard displaying the date of marriage would look cool on pictures. If you think of any other interesting props that resonate with your love story don’t hesitate to use it.

Careful selection of make-up:

Avoid trying new hairstyles and lipstick shades on the day of the shoot as you may not like your new look in the pictures. Use waterproof makeup if you are expecting rain and carry your cosmetic kit for touch-up.

Posing mistakes to avoid:

  • Kiss with close eyes to make the kiss look natural and get rid of nervousness
  • Avoid over-practising your smile as it would only end up leaving you feel more conscious about your smile
  • If you have any insecurity like you feel you don’t look in a particular angle or worried about the height difference, communicate it to your photographer.
  • Avoid faking your expressions
  • Your arms would appear less flattering if you press your hands close to your body


Use these tips to freeze the cute moments with your partner. Capture the special phase of your beautiful relationship and cherish it for years.

Post Author: Karlin Acacio