How to Get the Best Photos of Your Wedding Dress

I bet you’re super excited about trying on your wedding dress again and , of course, to wear it on your big, special day where you walk down the aisle to meet your partner in life and celebrate your love and the rest of your life together. It is an incredibly special time for you and once you have gone through the enjoyable and emotional process of choosing your bridal gown with your maid of honour and other close people to you that you love and cherish, there are things that you need to know about your bridal gown. All of us want to show off our wedding dress, and it is important to understand how to get the best photos of your wedding dress, both before the wedding when you are getting ready and during the big day. Here, we take a look at a few tips to help you get those best shots on the day.

There are some tips that you can take on board when looking to get the perfect photograph of your bridal gown on your wedding day. Your wedding photographer will be more than adept at finding the most beautiful shots that showcase the elegance and style that you are wearing, but it can’t hurt to have an idea of what to expect and what to try out when having your wedding photoshoot.

The first thing is to use an elegant hanger for your wedding dress. Bring with you a hanger that matches the style of the wedding dress or has been custom made to have a special message on it, or simply says ‘bride’ in nice pretty lettering. This is a little detail that is possible in all scenarios, even if you are planning a surprise wedding with little turnaround time to plan things.

Of course you want a standard shot of your wedding dress, but it is always important to try and capture some unique shots throughout the day. Think about the wedding venue, locations that are close by and different unique settings that could capture the dress in all its glory. If there are accessories to go with the bridal gown, incorporate them into the wedding dress shoot, hang the accessories with the dress beforehand and make sure they are clearly seen when the dress is being worn. The little details can add that level of sparkle and magic that truly make the dress itself stand out.

Once your wedding is over, you’ll have had the best day of your life and created memories that last forever. It is lovely though, a few months down the line (and regularly over the course of your life) to sit down with your wedding album and look through all of the photos from the most special day you had with your partner and all of your close friends and loved ones. Getting the perfect shot of your wedding dress is important to you, as you have taken the time to try on different bridal gowns at a bridal boutique, take the advice of specialists who care about your wedding style and comfort, and it is only right that you want to see photos that accurately portray how you looked and felt on the day. This can be achieved through the way you look after the dress, how you hang it on the morning of your wedding, and of course the wedding photographer that you choose for the big occasion.

Post Author: Karlin Acacio