How To Decorate A Wedding Tent

Every couple’s dream is to have a unique wedding, one that stands out for the good taste and originality of the decoration and the space conditions, the quality of the service, and the food.

So, suppose you are thinking about getting married outdoors and renting a tent. In that case, it is essential to invest in a unique decoration, different from those made between four walls, beautiful and functional.

The Tents for weddings are an increasingly popular option among couples when decorating the wedding environment, but you need to decorate according to your taste and wedding style. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas.

Remember that a tent is a white, transparent awning, a space that must be personalized as much as possible. Making sure it doesn’t look too big, cold, and lonely. So, here are ideas on how to achieve this.

Paper balloons hanging from the ceiling of different heights with satin ribbons, lace, or cable, for example.

You can cover the roof of the tent, especially if it is white, colored strips of cloth from side to side, slightly lowering the height and making the space more intimate if a few guests and the tent are large.

LED lights are on the rise, natural and white because they bring a magical and unique touch that seems like a dream come true. They can pass through the roof and fall through the tent columns like a vine plant.

If, on the other hand, your wedding is in the countryside, there can be no lack of candles hanging inside small glass jars, here and there, at different heights.

For wooden tents or at a vintage wedding, antique chandeliers can create a perfect ambiance.

You can also hang ribbons and banners from fabric that you made yourself, depending on the wedding colors. An easy DIY within anyone’s reach. Perfect for country weddings.

Silk or tulle pompoms are other precious options for romantic or vintage weddings. Hang from the ceiling, decorating columns and corners. You can also do it yourself without much effort.

If you don’t like the ground, you can always cover it with more suitable material, from parquet wood to artificial lawn or carpet. This can match the rest of the decor and will make you change the environment.

Flowers. Flowers cannot be missing in the decoration of wedding tents, creating a garden atmosphere. You can place floral arrangements in white-painted terracotta baskets or vases or opt for green plants or hanging flowers to outline the beams and frame the venue’s exterior. Arrangements with the same type of flowers as the ceremony or seasonal flowers can complement the beds around the tent.

Post Author: Karlin Acacio