Tips For Making Sure Your Wedding Invitations Get Delivered

Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests have of your wedding day and as such, it’s important to get them right. After all, you want your guests to know about the location of the ceremony, reception, and hotel information well in advance of the big day so they can make arrangements and ensure that they can attend. Here are some tips on how to make sure your wedding invitations get delivered.

Know Your Colors

Before you send out your wedding invitations, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your color palette. This will ensure that your invitations are coordinated and look cohesive with the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Pick a color scheme and decide on fonts before you begin designing them. If you need help deciding on colors or fonts, consult an expert for assistance. Once you’ve made these decisions, use an online site like Canva to create your invites.

Once they’re designed, download them as PDFs and print them at home or take them to Staples to be printed professionally. You can also ask the printing store if they offer postcard mailing services – this is a great way to save money.

To make sure your guests don’t forget about your wedding, set up reminder service notifications from websites like Evite. Remember that all costs related to sending out invitations should be included in your budget.

Make Sure Your Invitations Are Legible

Your wedding invitations are one of the first things that your guests will see, so you want to make sure they’re legible.  I recommend hiring a professional calligrapher who can work with fonts and styles that match your other pieces.

Make sure to include all necessary information (such as date, time, and address) on the invitation for your guests. If there’s anything about the event or location you don’t want to publicize – such as an after-party location – then mention it in a separate card that goes out separately from the invitation itself.

The last thing is to include RSVP contact information and deadlines for responses. You should also provide a phone number for questions related to RSVPs and if someone needs help understanding their response options or timeframe.

Once the deadline has passed, you can call those who haven’t responded to confirm that they’ll be attending. You might also consider sending them another reminder closer to the event date or asking them for updates on their plans.

Don’t Crowd the Card

Wedding invitations are one of the most important parts of your wedding. After all, they are the first impression your guests will have of your big day. So you want to make sure they are perfect. However, there is a balance between quality and quantity.

Keep in mind that people will discard anything that is more than three inches by five inches (or eight by ten centimeters). If it looks too crowded or hard to read, many people won’t even open it.

If you have a lot of information on the card try printing them out in different colors and then cutting them up into small cards for each piece of information. You can also place them in a small envelope and seal them with a sticker before putting them in an envelope so that they are still sealed after being cut up into smaller pieces.

And don’t forget to include save the date information at the bottom of your invitation as well! The average response rate is about 30% – but this number increases when you include this simple detail. You may also choose to send these out later in the process rather than right away so that you’re not wasting postage if people end up not coming.

Don’t use decorative fonts: It’s nice to add some flair to your invitations with decorative fonts, but be aware that they can get very difficult to read especially if you’re trying to fit text onto a postcard-sized card. Stick with simpler font types like Times New Roman or Arial – and save decoration for something else like your stationery.

Get Your Dates Straight

You’ve picked the perfect date for your wedding, now it’s time to make sure your invitations get delivered on time. First things first, know where you’re getting married! Know who will be in charge of sending out the invites and have them order all the supplies from an invitation specialist.

Once they have everything needed and have planned out how many invites each person needs to send out then go ahead and start working on those address labels! If you’re still struggling with getting addresses together then use a service like Google Maps to find addresses that are close by or visit your local post office for help with mailing large packages.

Next up is deciding if you want to hand-write every address or print them out as labels. Either way, take some time before ordering and do some research so that they don’t end up going in the wrong direction.

Have a Pro Address Your Envelopes

Wedding invitations are one of the most important things to get right when planning your big day.  From wording to sizing, and even addressing the envelopes, you want everything perfect.

The team at Emerald Isle can help make sure that everything is done correctly so that you don’t have any regrets. To make sure that your invites go out in a timely manner, we recommend sending them 3-4 weeks before the wedding date with enough time for guests to RSVP.

You should also send a thank you card after they receive their invitation.  It might seem like an extra step, but it will show your gratitude and appreciation. Don’t forget to personalize it by thanking them for coming to celebrate with you and reminding them about other details about the event (time, dress code, location). If possible include a map or address as well.

Post Author: Karlin Acacio