How to Select a Great Venue for Your Wedding

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is an important decision that must be made early in your relationship. It will dictate many aspects of your wedding day, from the planning stages to the actual ceremony itself. You’ll need to find a venue that meets your budget (and that’s also convenient for you), provides convenient parking for guests, has plenty of room to mingle and dance, and is located in an area where you and you’re soon to be spouse can live comfortably.

However, even after you’ve chosen your perfect venue like Luminaire Wedding Venue, you may not want to stay in that one place. Here are some ideas on how to choose a different wedding venue.

If you’re concerned about the cost, plenty of venues offer discounted wedding venues or don’t charge an all-inclusive price. The average wedding venue cost in the U.S.A is roughly $6,500, with many couples paying less than half of that. This includes the cost of your rental supplies like tables and chairs and decor, so remember to figure in this when calculating the final bill.

Also, note that these aren’t averages – prices vary greatly depending on which location you choose and the services provided. If you’d prefer to have your reception in a more casual environment with fewer guests, ask for a less formal venue cost. For instance, if you’re expecting 50 guests, you might wish to pay at least double what you’d otherwise for a restaurant or banquet hall.

Once you’ve figured out the average venue costs, figure out what type of setting would be best suited to your wedding. Some venues are more suitable for large groups, with plenty of banquet halls, human-made beachside resorts, and other outdoor event spaces. Other platforms are better suited to small intimate events, smaller and more intimate seating areas, and fewer amenities.

A few examples of more casual venues include smaller intimate settings, including a backyard barbecue, a class reunion, and indoor events like a concert. Wedding venues can be found in just about every city.

Some tips to help you out when searching for a venue: When asking for a quote, be sure to mention how many guests will be attending. That will save you time in calculating how many servers you need, and it will keep you from pushy salespeople who may be unwilling to reduce the price to make a sale.

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Post Author: Karlin Acacio