Here’s How You Can Plan Your Elaborate Wedding In Las Vegas!

A number of couples wish to get married in Las Vegas – After all, it’s the Sin City where fun never stops! Not to forget, you can get a marriage license whenever you want. In case you decided to get hitched at the last minute, you can even find elopement packages in Las Vegas. Below, we have listed down the things you need to know, especially if you intend to organize an elaborate destination wedding here.

You need a marriage license

To get married in Vegas, you must obtain a marriage license, which is an absolute must. You can get the marriage license for just $77, by visiting the courthouse, which is open for all days of the year, from 8 am to midnight.  You don’t need a lot of papers, except for government-issued photo identification for the bride and groom. The courthouse is located at 201 East Clark Avenue. If you are coming from another state and don’t know the norms, contact any of the wedding package providers, and they can guide you. The marriage license must be obtained before the wedding.

Getting a package

For destination weddings, it is absolutely imperative to book in advance. Check for services online or contact one of the known wedding planners to get things sorted. One of the first things to consider is the venue. Some of the preferred places to get married in Vegas includes the Neon Museum, Red Rock, Vegas Strip, and Ghost Town. Many couples also like the idea of getting hitched at one of the exotic resorts. Typically, the venue is probably the most expensive thing in any package. Readymade packages can be cheaper, as long as you don’t choose to select between options.

Other things to note

If you are interested in custom Las Vegas weddings, always consider the theme, which largely defines the kind of arrangements you will need. Talk to wedding planner at least a month in advance to know the time required for planning, and you can also seek details of other aspects, such as wedding rehearsals, arrangements for guests, catering, photography packages and so on. Usually, planners expect to get a booking amount as they arrange for the requested things, but if you have the time, go and meet your planner in person. In case you don’t have witness, which is not a compulsion here in Vegas, your planner can arrange for the same. Rehearsals are not included in most packages, so ask about the costs in advance.

Check for Las Vegas wedding planners now!

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Post Author: Karlin Acacio