Different Types of Pants for Women to Wear at Any Occasion

We are so conscious of what to wear on the upper body, we often neglect stylish wear for the bottom. A stylish top can look fabulous with a pair of designer pants instead of just a pair of jeans. So, to bring varieties to your bottom wear, there are varieties of  women’s casual pants and formal pants to wear everywhere. Today, we are discussing fashionable pants for women so that you can have those in your wardrobe and look stylish always. Here are some of the best fashionable pants for you. Have a look-

  1. Dress Pants

These are one of the most common types of pants that you can wear every day at work or elsewhere. Dress pants are also known as suit trousers that can be worn on formal or semi-formal occasions. You can go for readymade ones or the tailor-made ones that will suit you perfectly.

  1. Jeans

This is one of the most common types of pants that women of all ages love to wear. Usually, jeans are made of thick fabric, denim. The double stitching line is the main characteristic of such pants. Jeans suit women of all ages and all body types. Today, fashion designers are coming up with lots of modifications in the jeans and you get the most comfortable pair of pants for women.

  1. Culottes

These types of pants are trendy and make you look stylish with crop tops. Culottes are loose-fitted or straight-fitted pants that are stretched till the knee or a bit longer. The hemline is cuffed and falls just below the knee. To look fabulous, you can pair up solid-coloured culottes with printed tops. Always wear short tops, else the pant won’t look good.

  1. Leggings

Leggings are also quite common among women of all ages. Such pants can be worn with kurtas, shirt dresses, or cheap maxi dresses. These are made of stretchy fabrics, like denim, cotton, or lycra. If you are wearing a legging of denim, it is called jeggings. To look more fashionable, you can wear leggings with flowing blouses.

  1. Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are known as flared pants and they used to rule the world during the 70s. Till now, the style of pants is quite popular. Such pants are tight around the waistline and from the thighs it becomes loose. At the ankle area, it has flared. Bell-bottom pants were modified and boot cut pants came into the fashion world to rule.

We have mentioned only the best five types of women pants to wear on any occasion. There are lots of other styles that you can follow while buying new pants for you, like, tights, stirrup pants, punk pants, etc. You just need to know how to stylishly wear those pants with the right types of tops. Go shopping and buy something stylish for yourself!

Post Author: Karlin Acacio